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Information overload is the norm nowadays. Feed subscriptions and twitter acts as information fire hose. The power of newsletter lies in the fact that, if properly executed, it can deliver condensed, digestible, and high quality content to the targeted audience. Newsletters are resurrecting and it is very tiresome to sort out the excellent ones from the marketing gibberishes. Here is an attempt to suggest some of the best newsletters for geeks.

A Word A Day

People from 170 countries are enjoying the popular, daily, and theme based AWAD email service for the past 19 years. Subscribe to this newsletter and you will understand why this newsletter has surpassed 1 million subscribers. Instead of sending random words, the author runs a theme throughout the week and the words are based on it. Recent themes include words to describe people, loan translations, and words with an opposite set of meanings. A great and simple way to increase your vocabulary.


Formerly known as 21times, Bootstrappist is a newsletter to help you cultivate the business aspects of your startup or side project. Contrary to other dreaded business marketing letters, this one provides chosen essays and commentories from successful enterpreneurs and developers.


If you are running out of articles from hackernews and your browser refresh rate is high coderweekly may offer nothing new, but a handy one to keep up to date with any missed information. Their promise is – Intelligent articles for inquisitive developers, delivered every week.

Cup of Zup

This is your daily dose of entertainment and refreshment. Experience it and you will start to wait for this newsletter to arrive in your mail box. yes, life is indeed too short to only get boring emails. Cup of Zup is an eclectic mix of humor, history, wit and web nerdery that will brighten your day.

Golang Weekly

Currently (as of 14th february 2013) in its 5th edition, Golang weekly is relatively a new player. In addition to the usual newsletter recipes of articles, libraries, and events, it also features mailing list highlights.

Now I Know

If you love trivia and hate newsletters, this is the one that will tranform you to newsletterophiliac. This will make you learn something new every day. With more than 80,000 subscribers Now I Know is really big. This one mixes well with cup of zup and that trait is an added bonus.

Search Engine Land

Picking the right articles and facts from SEO community could be a task that no one in their right mind will do. Thanks to complex human psychological behavior, there are crazy people at search engine land who do just that for the rest of us. This is the only thing you needed to keep up with sane SEO practices and articles, period.


Sidebar is to satisfy your web aesthetics. Sidebar is a list of the 5 best design links of the day. But unlike a regular linkblog, it’s collaborative and manually curated by a couple great editors.

Tuesday Trivia

Ken Jenning’s tuesday trivia newsletter on each tuesday will keep you busy with exploring some tough topics. Finding the subscribtion link for tuesday trivia is a bit hard as it does not have a dedicated page or site.

Userfocus Usability

This newsletter updates you monthly about the happenings in the UX/usability arena. The curator(s) is of Userfocus usability consultancy fame.

Better Explained

Better explained is an effort to understand math, programming, and other gnarly topics through intution. This occasional newsletter will keep you updated with Better Explained’s topics.

Clojure News (def newsletter)

A weekly clojure newsletter to keep updated about the clojure community.

Clojure Gazette

The Clojure Gazette aims to challenge its readers to expand their understanding of Programming and Computing through the lens of Clojure. This very premise makes this newsletter different from others as it is not a collection of links to articles, libraries, and news. Instead, clojure gazette concentrates a specific topic on each week.

CSS Weekly

This curated CSS weekly serves a tribe of more than 7000 subscribers. This neatly designed newsletter provides contents categorized as headlines, articles & tutorials, jobs, and recommendations.

Devops Weekly

If searchengineland and userfocus newsletters could be considered as one stop news shoppe for SEO and UX respectively, then devops weekly is your best bet to keep up to date with the happenings of IT professionals community. Devops, in a very broad sense, is merger of realm of development and operations (or sysadmins and developers).

Django Weekly

Django weekly is in full swing after its resurrection in early March of 2013.

Founder Weekly

Founder Weekly is a free weekly newsletter for entrepreneurs featuring best curated content, must read articles,
how to guides, tips and tricks, resources, events and more.


Hackdesign is very much different from other newsletters in that it is a course itself. An easy to follow design course for hackers who do amazing things.

Hacker Newsletter

If you lives and breathes by hackernews, then this nwsletter may seem repetition to you. Hacker Newsletter is a weekly newsletter of the best articles on startups, technology, programming, and more. All links are curated by hand from the popular Hacker News site.

Html5 Weekly

Top browser technology news and links straight to your inbox, weekly. A free, once-weekly round-up of HTML5 and browser technology news and links. CSS 3, Canvas, WebSockets, WebGL, Native Client, and more. Html5 Weekly is from Peter Copper and you can expect the professionalism, simplicity, and extensive coverage.

Javascript Weekly

Javascript Weekly is a free, once-weekly e-mail round-up of JavaScript news and articles. This is also from Peter Cooper and it is a no brainer to subscribe to it. Personally, i feel this newsletter is not as friendly and polished as the other better curated newsletters from Peter Cooper. subscribe here:

Raspi Weekly

Raspi Weekly is a weekly newsletter from folks behind founders weekly. As of mid april 2013 this newsletter has not yet been launched.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing magzine has newsletter and it is sent out on every second tuesday. Smashing magazine newsletter with 139,101 subscribers is going strong both in subscribers count and content wise.

Scott Hanselman

Scott Hansleman’s Newsletter (of wonderful things), in addition to being a programming related one, is stuffed with humor and entertainment links. If you have watched any of the presentation from scott hanselman you will subscribe it right away.


Javaspecialists’ first issue is dated 30th november 2000. This handles advanced java topics and deviates from the current popular newsletter formats.

Jesse Storimer

He is of working with TCP sockets book fame. He occasionally, thrice or twice monthly, publishes newsletters and they are worth the wait.

NoSQL Weekly

Although NoSQL movement is relatively young, this weekly has surpassed the 120 editions mark. NoSQL Weekly is well structured and covers the realm of NoSQL quite comprehensively. A must have signup since it is not easy to watch the highly scattered sphere of NoSQL movement. subscribe here:

Pycoders Weekly

As the authors note pycoders weekly is a curated collection of the best Python news, articles and projects from around the internet delivered to your inbox in a beautiful package weekly.

Python Weekly

It is from the same source as Raspi Weekly and Founders weekly so you can expect the same quality content. Python Weekly will keep you updated on exotic python topics that are hard to find by the traditional news sources.

Ruby Weekly

A free, once-weekly e-mail round-up of Ruby news and articles – tag line does not fully justify the content in this weekly. Ruby Weekly has stood as a trend setter and inspiration for other newsletters. The quality is assured since it is from Peter Cooper.

Status Code

Status Code is a language agnostic roundup of the latest ideas, releases, trends, events and must-read articles from the programming world.

web design weekly

A once a week email with no spam, no rambling. Just pure awesome links to the best news and articles to hit the interweb during the week.

Coding for Interviews

Cultivate hardcore programming skills using coding for interviews newsletter.

The Modern Web Obvserver

The Modern Web Observer is a free, biweekly email newsletter about current issues and trends in front-end web development. It is much like a commentory on the important current news and articles related to front end development.

Postgres Weekly

Postgres Weekly is a newsletter dedicated to the popular open source database system, PostgreSQL. The goal is to keep the readers up to date with Postgres news and the most interesting articles or techniques of the week.

GoodUI Newsletter

GoodUI is a monthly newsletter where the author will share ideas on how to improve customer conversion and ease of use.


Get D3.js and Data Visualization news, articles, jobs and more delivered to your inbox every Tuesday by subscribing to Dashingd3js newsletter.

Me, Suhair, used to blog, not frequently, a few years ago through my personal website This is my first post in a while to start the technical blogging again. This time I have big plans and not going to stay idle as in the previous effort.
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